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Bahasa Technology Solutions’ philosophy is to be a one-stop-shop for all your technical needs in support of translation work in the Pacific region. Remote locations typically require specialized equipment that has the ability to sustain itself, as well as be incredibly robust. We have great experience when it comes to technical support in even the most remote regions. And we can provide the support temporarily, or even come up with a more long-term solution, all while trying to meet a budget.


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Regions We Serve

BTS is based in Manado Indonesia and do part of our work within Indonesia. We have the capacity to connect remotely with anyone globally however, and often do so. We are also experts with onsite technical support and have helped with projects spanning across the entire Pacific region. Let us help you with your project today.

Our Key Services

At BTS we strive to listen to our client’s needs first. And by understanding these needs we can develop a solution tailor-made for you. Contact us today to see the many options we can offer you and your project.

  • Translation 70% 70%
  • Computer & Communications 90% 90%
  • Print On Demand 60% 60%
regions we serve
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Frequently Asked Questions

At BTS we try and rise to any challenge that comes. Every need is different however and there is no one typical client. This also means there is no one typical solution.

Communication is the key, and our experience and expertise within the industries we serve is second to none. We have many options available to suit your printing, computer, and translation needs.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Based in Manado Indonesia, we serve the greater Pacific region and are not limited to Indonesia. We currently have clients stretching from Thailand to Australia.

How do I start the process of my project?

A general email is the best way. Briefly describe who you are and what project or problem you are trying to accomplish or overcome. We will then contact you and provide multiple solutions.

How soon should I expect to hear back from you?
We strive to reply to all emails and calls within 24-hours of receiving them. However during certain times of the year we may be understaffed due to holidays. If you need is urgent however, we would encourage you to call us at 0431-7283117
I recently completed a translation workshop in a very remote region of Papua enlisting the services of BTS. I was concerned knowing how remote this village was. Power and communications were massive issues. BTS was able to provide me with generators and satellite internet that allowed us to communicate with our head office on the spot. My technicians were knowledgable, professional, and easy to work with. Very happy with the end result.
Phillip Harms

Bahasa Technology Solutions saved me! I sent some technical manuals (that accompanied equipment) to a client that spoke very little English. The equipment was very sensitive and could be rendered useless if used incorrectly, so I employed the services of BTS. They were able to decipher the English manuals and translate to Bahasa Indonesian thoroughly ensuring no mistake would be made. I was worried a step could be missed but BTS really came through. Thanks guys!
Ruben Garay

I had a huge business presentation and needed a limited run of instruction manuals to be printed. My deadline was tight however, and not coming prepared would have easily cost me business. I contacted BTS hoping they would be able to help me with my needs. The friendly staff put me at ease giving me several options and ensuring they could deliver. Sure enough, I attended my presentation with manuals in hand. So happy!
Mark Hancock

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